Episode 151: Martin Mongiello

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Martin Mongiello (pronounced MAWN-JELLO) is a former executive chef to the President of the United States at both the White House and Camp David. While working at the White House, taking care of foreign diplomats and celebrities became his specialty. In addition to serving and cooking for SIX Presidents, Marty has served the likes of Tony Robbins, Jon Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Nicolas Cage, Sophia Loren, and Martin Scorsese.

Does he have a favorite President he has worked with? Does he have to taste test everything the President eats or drinks? Does he have any crazy stories from a White House party? [SPOILER ALERT: YES, YES, and YES.]

Other stories include how enemies of the state will actually try to poison the food that will be served at Presidential parties and how he was knighted in Brussels.

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Guest Contact Information:
Instagram: @martincjmongiello
Twitter: @martimongiello
YouTube Videos:
Holiday Parties Stories at the White House
Thanksgiving Traditions

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