Healthy Ice Cream Can Taste Great

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October 25, 2022
56. Healthy Ice Cream Can Taste Great

If you’ve been looking for an ice cream that is gluten-free, and dairy-free but also tastes great, you are going to love this week’s podcast. We visited Coco N’Ice, a local Tampa business, that gives hope to those of us who can’t eat regular ice cream.

Here are some important moments with Simone from the podcast:

At 1:37 What motivated you to start Coco N’Ice?

At 7:37 Is eating this type of Ice Cream an acquired taste? And once people eat it do they have a hard time returning to regular ice cream?

At 13:59 What do you think about when people have soy or soy sauce recipes?

Here are some ways to follow or contact Coco N’Ice:




Here’s how you can follow the Tell Us How to Make It Better podcast:





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