We Need to Build Better to Survive Hurricanes

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October 11, 2022
54. We Need to Build Better to Survive Hurricanes

The devastation Hurricane Ian caused in Southwest Florida could just as easily have happened in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. Former FEMA Administrator & Executive Chairman at Hagerty Consulting Brock Long talks about what people need to do to be better prepared.

Here are some important moments with Brock Long from the podcast:

At 4:18 Brock talks about why people need to take evacuation orders seriously.

At 10:40 Brock answers the question, why do we keep rebuilding to standards that are lower than the disasters that destroyed the community?

At 20:56 Brock talks about how Congress needs to change the Stafford Act so communities that build the right way with stronger building codes get rewarded. Currently, local areas have no incentive to insure their infrastructure or build it correctly.

Here are some ways to follow and contact or follow Brock Long:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brock-long-62742a17/

Website: hagertyconsulting.com
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