TQ Sven and Erna

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TQ Sven and Erna

Sven from Switzerland and Erna from Indonesia stayed with me in December 2018, just a month before I left China to live in the US. They were my last visitors there. Listen as they talk about their countries, how they met, and the trips they have taken. Sven is special, because he stayed with me nine years ago! It was such a thrill to see him again and to meet his wife.

If you are new to my podcast, this is a "Ten Questions (TQ) episode. That's where I interview people so that you can learn from them and also hear different English accents. Most of the time I post "Listen and Repeat (LnR) episodes, which can help you improve your pronunciation and intonation. Since I left China two years ago I have been posting old episodes. This is the first one that is new. Soon I will be making new podcast episodes for you, but I haven't decided what kind they will be!

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