The mystery of Poveglia island

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Welcome back to That Haunted Show, i'm glad you've stuck around!

In Today's episode we're going to be looking at the history of Poveglia Island. This island definitely has no shortages of things to talk about, from hundreds of thousands of plague victims discarded in pits, to demented tortuous doctors performing the worst acts of humanity you could ever imagine.

The island is ripe with haunted goings on, which surely is no surprise. Is it from the endless trapped souls left there? Lets find out in today's episode of That Haunted Show.

We're on episode 2, we actually finished something, and we're starting to sound a bit more professional. Ish. We now have a brand new theme tune courtesy of Yifeitang on Fiverr. They've created an awesome new original track and i'm excited to get it out there and actually play it! Also I've invested a bit more into a better set up, we now actually have a mic stand and pop filter so hopefully things are starting to sound a lot better for you guys.

So sit back and relax while we try to explain the unexplained..

As always, thanks for listening.

Stay spooky.

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