2 Tools and RICHARD KARN!

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Whether you know him as Al from "Home Improvement", from his many Hallmark Movies, or maybe just from his countless commercials, you will love our talk with RICHARD KARN! So many great stories from an incredible actor and fantastic guy. This Week's That's Awesome Is Brought To You By: QUIP Save $10 on a Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush and start getting rewards for brushing your teeth today. Go to GETQUIP.com/THATSAWESOME TRUEBILL Don’t fall for subscription scams. Start cancelling today at Truebill.com/THATSAWESOME It could save you THOUSANDS a year! Go to TRUEBILL.com/THATSAWESOME INDEED Join over THREE MILLION BUSINESSES worldwide that use INDEED to hire great talent. Get started RIGHT NOW with a FREE SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLAR SPONSORED JOB CREDIT to upgrade your job post at INDEED.COM/THATSAWESOME GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowners or renters insurance, along with your auto policy. It’s GEICO easy! Visit Geico.com today! and PLUTO TV! Watch 100s of Channels and 1000s of Movies Free! Drop in. It’s free. PLUTO.TV For Everything Steve and Bradford go to StoneColdandtheJackal.com

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