Death Comes for the Librarian (again)!

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In this final, bumper, double number of Volume I of Professor McQueen's Adventures, the tragic story of the seven old ladies locked in the laboratory reaches its grisly climax, and the Professor finally remembers to check the smurf trap in the gardens of Timor Mortis College at Noxford. Cherrytop the Sarcastic Horse again fails to put in an appearance, but he has supplied the following review of this chapter: "Oh, it's wonderful, hilarious stuff! My sides are still aching! And what a pile of wisdom! That Professor McQueen is every inch the genius he fancies himself to be!" Thank you, Cherrytop.
Parental advisory: While there is no bad language in this chapter, the story of the seven old ladies will be, like Murdoch's Plutonium Coffee, too strong and dark for some stomachs.

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