EP 216 - Anxiety And Recovery Frequently Asked Questions - Part 1

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This week we're answering ten of the questions about anxiety and recovery that are most often asked in our community. Tune in as we tackle the following questions and issues:

  • Am I fully recovered and do I experience anxiety or panic any more?
  • Is full recovery possible?
  • Can you recover without medication?
  • This is all easier said than done, Drew!
  • How can you be sure that this really is just anxiety?
  • How can you be brave and face anxiety without running?
  • Do you need to find the root cause of my panic attacks to get better?
  • Why don’t I talk about nutrition or diet or supplements?
  • Why do you need a recovery plan?
  • Any tips for ….?

Tune in next week for part two when we'll tackle ten more of the most common questions about anxiety and anxiety recovery.

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