Speed and Precision: How to Build a Custom Home More Efficiently

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Episode notes:

Joining Mark this episode are:

  • Mike Zaino
  • Erik Peterson
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Scott Todd

The team engages Garrett in dialogue about

  • The fascinating path that led him to the home construction industry
  • How he builds custom homes in days
  • His tips on how to be more efficient
  • How automation has improved processes in home building
  • The cost of Agorus-built homes
  • What keeps him up at night

They also talk about future plans for Agorus expansion and do-it-yourself home-building kits.



I’m going to give a little bit of a phrase that pays the most dividends–in non-military application. “Embrace the suck,” meaning there is something empowering in that misery, and focusing on others, that does two things:

1. It seals a bond with others who are in the moment with you.

2. It’s difficult to focus on your pain and someone else’s pain at the same time.


Learn more about the future. Go to Agorus and see how they can help you streamline your next build. It’s a great resource for not only construction, but also business as well.


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