31 - Syndicate

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Set your cybernetic sights on world domination in Syndicate! Get a handle on the controls, concoct an unofficial overlay, peruse reviews from around the world, and question the ESRB rating in this episode about Bullfrog's cyberpunk classic.

Oh, yeah, and check out several previously-undisclosed cheat codes.

Also included is feedback from RJ, the Lost Dragon, PFG 9000, tripled79, MightyFrog, cubanismo, Kyle, Louis, and Bobby Tribble! Woohoo!

All that plus storytime involving out-of-context Atari, and nerds makin' noise in the computer lab.

Full show notes can be found at https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/17232-31-syndicate/

Next up: Rayman!


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