How to Raise More Money by Telling Better Stories | Lori L. Jacobwith

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Everyone has a story. Stories are powerful. But are you telling them right? How much more money could you raise for nonprofits by tweaking your storytelling just a bit? In this episode of the Auction Advocate, Lori L. Jacobwith, master storyteller and founder of Ignited Fundraising walks us through bigger and better stories.
After spending an hour or so on the podcast with Erin I have to say, she rocks!! Her voice is delightful to listen to; her questions really caused me to think. She is fun, prepared, funny, a terrific listener. Our time together literally FLEW by and I was truly sad when we said goodbye. Erin is a true professional who has found her calling as a podcast host. You'll enjoy any sessions she records. I promise! — Lori Jacobwith, Ignited Fundraising

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