Somebody's Luggage Part 1 by Charles Dickens

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Mister Christopher is a Victorian waiter who has many OPINIONS - on what is (and is not) a waiter, good and bad waitering, customers and their foibles, coffee houses, and much more. In this first part of the Somebody's Luggage series, he acquires a set of luggage left behind by an unknown guest ("Somebody") six years previously: in this is secreted a set of stories written by him.
Somebody's Luggage is the creation of Charles Dickens in collaboration with several other writers of the period. These short stories were all published as part of the 1862 Christmas edition of Dickens' monthly publication "All The Year Round". Ours is a collection of selected tales from Somebody's writings that are all different and distinctive: an entertaining portmanteau of styles and subject matter. To round off this portmanteau, Mister Christopher (and the eponymous Somebody) will finally meet.
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