2030 EV Intel, AppleGas, Mid-Flight Live Streaming

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As much of the country starts moving around for the holiday weekend we’re bringing a summary of OEM EV plans, talking about the upcoming ability to pay for gas while still in your car, and the real possibility of in-flight high speed internet service.

  • Forget the AppleCar, Apple CarPlay might have us paying for gas while we’re still in the car
    • Navigate to nearest station, pull up to pump, ba-ding! Paid.
    • Dallas based, Sinclair, operator of 1600 stations plans to deploy the tech
      • Jack Barger, the company's senior vice president of marketing said, "We are excited by the idea that consumers could navigate to a Sinclair station and purchase fuel from their vehicle navigation screen."
      • Donald Frieden, chief executive officer of Houston-based P97 Networks, which makes the digital plumbing that many fuel companies will use to connect their apps to cars, said, "It's a massive marketplace, and consumers really want to take friction out of payments,"
    • Take Away: Seamless experience, bragging rights, less time looking at the actual price of gas…win.
  • SpaceX’s Starlink approved by the FCC for use on commercial flights
    • According to Musk, could offer speeds of 500mbps
    • Rules indicate Starlink must accept interference from certain frequency bands
    • Competitor Visaat has inked a deal w Southwest and Amazon also has plans to get 1000s of satellites up to get in the game
    • Take Away: First live streams from the air?
  • Recent AutoNews Intelligence report summarizes OEM’s electrification plans through 2030
    • Ford plans on being the #2 global EV producer by 2026, behind Tesla
    • Cadillac and Buick will be GM’s first all-EV brands by 2035
    • Hyundai/Kia/Genesis will have 31 new EV models by 2027
    • VW, half of all sales to be EV by 2030 and 100% by 2040
    • Volvo 100% Electric by 2030
    • Honda going for 30 by 2030
    • Toyota taking a measured approach saying they will offer a Hybrid version of all vehicles until their customers are ready for a full transition
      • Had the first hybrid 20 years ago
      • Currently deploying hydrogen fuel cell tech for heavy trucks in their Georgetown, KY plant and working on having a passenger vehicle ready to sell in upcoming zero emission states
      • Pouring resources into more space efficient solid state battery tech to leapfrog current lithium ion tech
    • Take away: Words vs. actions vs reality. How much is hype and how much is actually demand?

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