Meet the New Parking Lot Attendant, Gas Taxes, & VR Reality Check

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We are still enjoying the beautiful landscape of the hills of Ashville at the VADA Convention. Today we catch you up on some conversations that happened at the convention yesterday, a robot charging station, gas tax initiatives, and a reality check on getting VR closer to reality.

  • Meet ZIGGY by EV Safe Charge
    • First EV charging robot
    • Serves ads on its digital display
    • Has the ability to both reserve parking spots and charge throughout commercial and residential parking lots
    • Hotels in CA have begun putting these stations in their parking lots and garages
    • Take Away: Have we told you about being inventive with your space yet?
  • Biden expected to make decision on federal gas tax holiday soon
    • Would reduce prices by 18.4 cents per gallon
    • Would require congressional approval
    • Meeting resistance and positioned as political maneuvering as the tax would expire shortly after midterms
    • Historically state tax holidays are passed on to consumers while federal action is not so clear as a portion of the relief typically raises the base and stays with producers
    • Take away:
  • Zuckerburg overviews VR tech that will more fully integrate the metaverse (and Meta) into regular life
    • ‘...various headsets have been built to focus on specific elements of VR development, including retinal resolution for enhanced visual experiences, focal depth, which enables you to focus on different objects on screen, and high dynamic range for optimal color realism in VR spaces.’
    • Zuck introduced the Holocake II which claims to have done all of that. It is not clear if, when, or if ever it will be available to the public
    • There are questions on whether or not Meta went too fast and early into the metaverse as it chases other current social platforms like TikTok in pursuit of stabilizing revenue
    • Take away: Innovation always involves risk and being wrong…until you’re right. Paying attention a little to this tech now will put you lightyears ahead when more practical uses become a part of your consumers lives and your business

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