Episode 125: The Lamb Has Overcome

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Have you found yourself in a place where you feel tethered to perfectionism, hurt, anxiety, and depression? The good news is that the Lamb of God was perfect so you don't have to be. You have access to the Lamb of God every day of your life, it's time to start walking and talking like a child of God. You have full access to the gentle, kind, good, and faithful Lamb of God. He is your Lamb. He is your Savior. He is your Deliverer. He is your God. It is time to sing a new song over your situation, you have the Lamb of God on your side.

Monologue: Autumn shares details about her son, Jude's, athletic career and recent tryouts for baseball.

Message: After the break, Autumn highlights areas in Scripture where the Lamb of God and God's atonement for the world was prophesied.

Question: "How does God take vengeance for you?"

Praise Report: A listener shares how their prayers had been transformed and how God illuminated something special to them.

Bible References:

Revelation 5:5-14

Isaiah 53, 54

Exodus 29:38-46

Leviticus 5:4-6

John 1:28-29

Mark 15:33-38

*All verses are from the NASB1995 Bible translation.

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