Ep. 58: The makings of a well-rounded finance leader with Brian Montminy, CFO at Lessonly

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Brian Montminy, CFO at Lessonly

I chat with Brian about:
  1. His career journey starting as a consultant with Accenture, followed by 5 years at JP Morgan Chase before taking the plunge into tech with Salesforce where he held various roles in the finance and strategy team.
  2. What Lessonly does and what it’s all about.
  3. Risk aversion and why finance leaders are less likely to take on personal risk as a finance leader.
  4. How Brian has had to evolve as the company has grown and how the finance function has changed during his tenure. For context, Brian joined Lessonly around Series A when the company was 24 people with 300 customers, and now the company is at 170 people with over 1,000 customers.
  5. The biggest misconception about the finance function within growth-stage software companies like Lessonly.
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