Ep. 61: The role of momentum and velocity in propelling Blackberry's epic run from $2M to $20B in sales with Dennis Kavelman, Partner at Inovia Capital (Former CFO / COO at Blackberry)

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Dennis Kavelman, Partner at Inovia Capital (Former CFO / COO at Blackberry)

I chat with Dennis about:
  • His 15 year run as the CFO and COO of Blackberry after joining the company when it was virtually unknown, with just 20 employees and roughly $2-million in revenue back in 1995. During this time Blackberry grew to more than 15,000 employees and sales of $20B. Dennis had a front-row seat for the company’s explosive growth from startup to global player. He also helped take Blackberry public as CFO.
  • What made Blackberry into a global success story and how the company evolved from 20 to 15,000 employees and $20B in sales.
  • Blackberry’s co-CEO management structure and whether it is something he recommends to companies today.
  • How he managed to continuously evolve as Blackberry grew to remain “qualified” for the role having minimal prior experience.
  • How he transitioned into the world of venture as a Partner at Inovia Capital and his focus area at the firm.
  • What advice or key learnings he shares with the up and coming emerging technology companies of today.
  • Hiring top talent.
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