Canada Rogers ISP Internet Outage - Early report and speculation

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Rogers Communications, the Canadian ISP is down. One of its ASNs (they have many) is AS812 with over 5 million IP addresses. Tried a few and none of them can be pinged from the US (not sure if ICMP is disabled or not)

This is a huge deal for all Canadians and businesses affected. So sorry for every one who is affected by this, and kudus to all the engineers at Rogers working to fix this for the past what? 11 hours now?

If an ASN goes dark like a Facebook or a Cloudflare that isn't a big deal you can go without using Facebook for a day. But if this is your ISP's ASN that connects you to the rest of the World goes down, actual users won't be able to connect.

We still don't know the cause but my guess it might be a bad BGP entry? that's what happened to Cloudflare or FB, could be something different. again so sorry for all my Canadian followers affected. Will make a video when I get a chance


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