The Limitations of Today's SSDs | The Backend Engineering Show

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Backend database applications relay on good storage systems for performance, durability and low latency. SSDs have been a great invention that changed the storage game compared to mechanical drives. However, SSDs came with their own sets of problems which can cause database reads and writes to plummet after a while. This episode discusses the current limitations of SSDs include garbage collection, wear leveling, over provisioning and how zoned name spaces “may” fix this.

0:00 Intro

1:40 Block

4:00 Logical Block Addressing

6:00 Flash Translation Layer

6:50 DRAM

8:50 Erase unit

11:11 Namespace

12:00 Summary

13:40 Garbage collection

16:49 Over provisioning

18:00 Write amplification

21:28 Wear leveling


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