15: Post Bb. Pilipinas 2021 Kiki

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When is it okay to have a post-pageant kiki and when is it not okay to be okay to have a post-pageant kiki while being okay with it not being okay?
Pahirap ka sa mental health namen, Tito Boy! Dumagdag ka pa sa isipin namen!
This is a kiki about Binibining Pilipinas 2021!
Simpol! Ganyan dapat, okay?!
For more resources about being okay, go to: www.balutkiki.com
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When it's okay with you, please tell a friend about us! Especially if that friend needs to relate to somebody is not okay. Let them know they're not alone. We mean this.
Send us an email (balutkiki@gmail.com) if you have any questions, want a shoutout, or have suggestions on how we can improve on the podcast, or if you just want to be okay about being okay, okay? We love hearing from all of you - keep them coming, okay?!
If you want to support our show and make sure that we are okay, please click on the BuyMeACoffee link below.
Thanks for listening and there's much more to listen to! Binge away while you're okay with being okay!
(Seriously, Tito Boy, guest ka naman po sa amin para we can be okay and they won't make you okray.)
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