21: Kap Bingo - LGBTQ+ Profiles

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We are proud to feature prominent LGBTQ+ people and profile their stories on this series!
Bilang buena mano, we present to you Jerico Goldmar Ebabacol, more popularly known among his constituents as Kap Bingo! He serves as Captain to Baranggay 17 in the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City in the southern island of Mindanao, Philippines.
Kap Bingo takes us back to his childhood as a young queer boy and his struggles with his gender identity growing up. From the start, fabulous na talaga ang story nya! He talks about his foray into the world of politics at the tender young age of 15 at ang mga pinagdaanan niya sa larangan ng pulitika bilang isang out-and-proud queer person. Open si Kap na nakipagchika about his advocacies, frustrations and pet peeves with the LGBTQ community. At what about his future plans in politics? Future representative in congress or in the senate? Aba, why not?!
Plus, may exclusive kiki si Kap about being a - teka, tama ba ito - a runaway bride? Alamin! Game na game din niyang sinagot ang ilang naughty rapid-fire questions! Sino kaya sa mga bessies natin ang nahulog sa upuan dahil hindi kinaya ang kanyang mga sagot?
And also, this is our first project where we speak mostly in Visayan/Cebuano (and survived)!
Don't worry, magbabalik pa rin ang ating Usapang+Sex Series.
Pero for now, let members of our proud community take the spotlight in our LGBTQ+ Profiles Series! Represent, mga bessies!

  • This project contains some mature themes and language. Listener discretion is advised.

Watch Kap Bingo on his YouTube Channel - KapBingoTV:
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