22: Kiki with a Hollywood Actress with Katie Chonacas

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Huma-Hollywood ang project, mga Bes!
Hollywood film and TV star Katie Chonacas kikis with us about her latest ventures in her multi-faceted career. Katie is practically a 'veteran' having worked in the entertainment industry for two decades. Her past projects include film roles with Nicholas Cage, Milla Jovovich, Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas (even acting in a scene with De Niro and Pacino!), and appearing on CSI:NY and Law and Order among others. She is easily recognizable as lead actress in P!nk's Who Knew, and The Chemical Brothers' The Golden Path music videos.
We focus on some of Katie's advocacies particularly those concerning mental health and well-being, and how she keeps her head above water and her feet grounded in the dog-eat-dog world of showbusiness and amidst the current pandemic. How did her upbringing influence her current passions? Even as musician and part of the group The Sophisticated Psychos, her repertoire undeniably evokes healing and positive feelings. She now adds poet and published author to her long list of titles, having released A Lover's Fairytale this year. Her podcast, "She's All Over The Place" is testament to and reflective of her ubiquity in the arts and has become her instrument in advancing her passions.
More interestingly, Katie shares with the project why she has a very special connection to the Philippines and why she is aching to do a documentary about a certain Filipino girl. Katie also gamely answers our 'rapid fire' questions - at pakinggan kung ano ang reaksiyon ni Katie nang binyagan natin sha with her very own drag name!
Find out all about Katie's many ventures on her webpage: https://www.chonacas.com
Listen to her podcast here: She's All Over The Place
Purchase her book here: A Lover's Fairytale
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