24: A Father's Story with Richard Wickes

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Warning: This project contains mature and sensitive themes such as depression and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.

His phone rang at four in the morning. Richard was in Hong Kong . He thought family calling from Germany might have just forgotten about the time difference. The next morning he returns the call only to be told of the news that no father would ever wish to hear: his daughter Emma, 21 years young, had taken her own life.
September is officially Suicide Prevention Month. Every month should be suicide prevention month. Every day should be suicide prevention day. It is alarming how suicide numbers have shot up especially amidst a pandemic where social isolation has become a curse for most of us. It is even more disturbing that younger people are succumbing to suicide.
In our continuing effort to normalize conversations about mental health among Filipinos, we talk to Richard Wickes - teacher, psychologist, Tai-Chi master, and father - to learn about his ongoing journey towards coming to terms with the guilt, anger and pain, and making sense of the loss of his "Daddy's girl'.
(If you are a Filipino living in the Philippines and you, or somebody you know, are undergoing depression or having suicidal thoughts, try talking to somebody you trust or please go to the link: DOH NCMH Crisis Hotline Huwag mag-atubiling tumawag. It's okay to ask for help. )
1. 3.3 million Pinoys suffer from depression.
2. Suicide is the 27th leading cause of death in the PH.
3. Groups slam gov't for relying on religious leaders as suicide cases rise in PH

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