Project 25: Ang Titi

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MATURE CONTENT WARNING. Push lang ng push to normalize contextual conversations about sex and our sexuality and to fight the demonization of our bodies.
Let's sort out common myths and fallacies about the penis and figure out fact from fake. Pag-usapan natin kung nababali nga ba ang titi at kung anong sexual position ang dapat iwasan para hindi mangyari ito. May benefits nga ba ang masturbation and how much masturbation is too much? Ano ang mga preferences ng bessies pagdating sa cut or uncut penises?
Alamin natin kung aling mga bansa ang pasok sa Top 10 ng largest and smallest penises in the world? May Pinoy pride ba pagdating sa battle of the world's largest titi? Ano nga ba ang number one determinant ng penis size? May pag-asa ba ang mga kakosa nating mistulang keychain na lamang ang mga ari?
Makikipagsabayan din tayo sa ibang podcasts with our own unique take on the audio-horror genre sa pamamagitan ng ating TITI NG LAGIM - horror stories involving the penis, including erectile dysfunction. And because Christmas is just several jingle balls, este, bells away, pag-usapan natin ang ibat'-ibang mga PALAMUTITI or penile ornaments!
It's time for the titi to take center stage sa ating Usapang+Sex Series!


(If you, or somebody you know, are undergoing depression or having suicidal thoughts, please go to the link: . It's okay to ask for help. )

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