Project 28: Sperm Donation with Adam Hooper

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Are you a queer couple looking to raise a family? A single person ready to experience parenthood minus the pressure of a relationship? Are you a healthy male who wants to help people achieve their dreams of becoming parents?
Adam Hooper has built Sperm Donation World, a worldwide community that might make it easier for those wanting to start a family the non-traditional way.
Adam shares what you need to do to join the community and highlights what he sees as differences between the SDW community versus traditional sperm donation clinics. He also addresses issues that you might be wanting to know about such as who might be good candidates for donors and recipients, the future of artificial conception and challenges. Adam shares with us his experiences with Filipinos in the community and how in need we really are of appropriate sex education.
Guess what Adam says is the most important trait to bring to the table when joining the community? Honesty.
At may nai-share pa si Adam na kahihiyan na ginawa ang ilan sa mga kapatid nating beki dito sa Pinas na sukat ba naman daw humingi ng sperm sa mga afam! Tignan natin kung ma-detect nyo ang crickets nung hindi kami naka-imik during the interview! Di kami naka-ispluk sa kahihiyan!
Click play na, mga Bes, and see what your options are if you're ready to start a family!
(This project has marked 'chapters' for your convenience.)
Listen to Adam's podcast here and follow him on Instagram.
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