32: Mother and (Queer) Child

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Sabi nila, matitiis ng anak ang magulang pero hinding-hindi matitiis ng magulang ang anak.

Pero 40% o 4 out of 10 teenagers sa United States ay pinalayas ng kanilang mga magulang nang mag-“come out” sila sa mga ito as "queer". Hindi biro ang buhay na pagdadaanan mo kung queer ka. Any queer person will tell you this. Kaya't dagdag kalbaryo sa mga Bessie kapag hindi ka pa tanggap ng mga magulang o ng pamilya mo. This is true whether you're gay, trans, lesbian, etc. You alone against the world ang background music forever? Yung inaasahan mong panggagalingan ng lakas mo, itinakwil ka pa na para kang may ketong.
Siksik sa drama talaga ang buhay ng mga queer! Aminin!
Our friend, Malen, married to a man who comes from a staunch Catholic family teeming with priests, kikis about how she dealt with the news when her adult son confessed to her what she had suspected all along: that he was queer.
Malen offers fighting words of advice and a little bit of admonition to queers out there who might be wallowing in self-doubt and pity, and searching for acceptance, love, and belongingness.
"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?" (Isaiah 49:15)
Buma-Bible din kami pa-minsan-minsan, mga Bes! Kinakaya naman.
1. “Serving Our Youth: Findings from a National Survey of Service Providers Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth who are Homeless or At Risk of Becoming Homeless.” The Williams Institute with True Colors Fund and The Palette Fun.
2. “Growing Up LGBT in America” Human Rights Campaign.
For more resources: www.balutkiki.com.
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