33: 4 Queens, 4 Queers (Unang Yugto)

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Well, well, well! Look do we have here!
Vilma. Nora. Maricel. Sharon. Sino ang tunay na reyna ng pelikula?
Akalain mong nagkataon naman na ang apat na queers ng podcast ay pinagbuklod na tagahanga nila. Our answers have been prayered! Isang rabid Noranian. Isang avid Vilmanian. Isang true-blue Sharonian. At isang solid Maricel fanatic.
Kaya’t pasasaan pa ba na ang random friendly discussions about movies which would sometimes escalate into friendly debates ay mapupunta sa isang episode kung saan, once and for all, magtatapatan sila para sagutin ang mga hamon na: Who is the starriest stariray of them all?
Sino ang best actress? Who is the most versatile? Sino ang pinaka-mayaman? Who has the most fulfilled family life? Who will leave the most endearing and invaluable legacy in Philippine cinema?
At sasagutin nila ang mga tanong na iyan within 60 seconds. Oh yes, time is of the elements sa project na ito!
Magtatapatan ang apat na queers para ipagtanggol ang kani-kanilang reyna.
Pero teka lang. Ang truth of the mother is, faney ang apat nating queers ng lahat ng reyna na yan – meaning, they are all certified admirers of the four queens. Pero for all intense and purposes of this project, they will take up arms in defense of their chosen idol and tell us bakit sila naging tagahanga ng napili nilang reyna. In short, they will bring down the house down!
Bagama’t marubdob at taimtim ang pinaghuhugutan ng paghanga ng ating mga queers para sa ating mga queens, pawang katuwaan lamang po ito at huwag sana masyadong seryosohin. World peace!
Because when all is said undone, it's mute and academic! Anna Dizon is Anna Dizon!
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