35: Robert Kingett - LGBTQ+ Profiles

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When Robert Kingett was born, doctors said he would never walk. They said he would never talk. He was born severely premature, with cerebral palsy, and totally blind.
Today, his bio reads: Award-winning author. Journalist. Editor. Blogger. Activist. Motivational speaker. Accessibility advocate. Sensitivity reader. And yes, fabulously gay!

He makes us ask, "Gurrlll, watchu been doin' with yo life?!"
Robbie candidly kikis with us about his childhood and how, with the help of his grandparents who nurtured his curiosity and challenged him, he was able to survive the physical, emotional, and mental trauma he suffered at the hands of his own mother, and triumph over his disabilities.
And no - this is no sob story. Robbie shares with us his stories about growing up gay, crushing on the "husband" he's never even met, maneuvering through his dating life and his idea of a first date, and what he enjoys about porn.
He also shares with us some of his many advocacies, like how he pressured streaming giant Netflix into making their content more accessible to its visually-impaired audience by adapting audio description.
Robbie was endearing and such a joy to talk to. We fell in love with the child-like giggles that punctuated most of his sentences. Easily one of the most inspiring people we ever had the honor of speaking to.
Don't miss out on getting to know this amazing human being. Click play and be inspired!
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