Random Project: Just Two Friends Talking about Death and Suicide

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Today is the last day of September, Suicide Prevention Month.
We opted to release this bonus episode as a reminder to everyone how suicide has become so prevalent in society that it is now vital for each of us to be more mindful of how our friends and loved ones are doing in these very stressful times - every single day.

Death is a difficult conversation, most especially in Philippine culture where it is considered morbid and even taboo. Perhaps, this has contributed to some Filipinos' trepidation in opening up regarding their thoughts and feelings about the subject matter because they are often dismissed and avoided.
We chanced upon this audio recording of two of our Bessies who have been forthcoming about their attempts at self-harm in the recent past owing to personal mental health diagnoses and how talking about these things help put their own feelings about suicide and their mortality in proper perspective. This is a purely raw and unedited recording (apart from the intro and outro) of Mel and Geoff just having an unguarded conversation prior to a recording session reflecting on a friend's death by suicide and its effect on family and friends. They talk about learning about the deaths of other people, both celebrities and unknown, and how death - and life - should never be taken for granted.
It is our humble aim to encourage other Filipinos to open up about their feelings so that they can be properly supported. It is important to normalize - not trivialize - these conversations. It is not enough to join the "it is okay to not be okay" bandwagon without offering the needed support and assistance. The lack of available and free mental health services in the country is lamentable enough. Our culture of avoidance and dismissiveness do not help. Check up on your loved ones, no matter how "okay" they may seem.
If you are going through a rough time, find somebody you can trust and who might understand. Otherwise, be a good and empathetic listener to somebody who is.
If you are a Filipino living in the Philippines and you, or somebody you know, are undergoing depression or having suicidal thoughts, try talking to somebody you trust or go to the link: DOH NCMH Crisis Hotline Huwag mag-atubiling tumawag. It's okay to ask for help.
For more resources, visit our website.
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