John Markus Talks About The BBQ Hall Of Fame Nod & His Whole Life!

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(June 14, 2022 - Hour Two) 10:14 & 10:35pm - A few weeks ago there was a new class of BBQ Hall of Fame'ers inducted. Tonight, I grab John Markus and talk to him about the honor and what it means to him as he looks across his heralded and successful career in TV. If you aren't familiar with John and his work in TV, you are in for a treat tonight, as I execute a fairly impromptu "origin story" of John and how he came to find his passion for live fire and how he pushed it onto every TV set in the country a handful of years ago under the "BBQ Pitmasters" show. Could we ever see a "reboot" of this show...ever?? BBQ Central Show Sponsors! Oklahoma Joe's Smokers & Grills The BBQ Guru Big Poppa Smokers Green Mountain Grills Primo Grills Yoder Smokers David Leans / DoWellness - GET FIT for $200/month) Cookin Pellets Fireboard Smithfield Pit Barrel Cooker The Butcher Shoppe - Save 10% When You Mention "The BBQ Central Show" Vortic Watch Company

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