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Episode 244 Talking you back to 8/30/2011 - This week we feature ME!!! Let me ask you a question…specifically he male listeners in the audience. Have you ever been a member of the YMCA and gone to workout there in the early morning hours? IF you have, then you will be able to relate to the Best Moments Show that will hit the podcast feed this coming Friday. If you have NEVER been to the YMCA in the early hours of the morning, and you have been considering membership, this is MANDATORY listening before you pull the trigger! I would hate for you to not have the heads up on the shenanigans that are going on in the men's locker room at your local “Y”…especially since I have lived it no less than 2 separate times in my life. What you will hear this coming Friday you will find both shocking and (potentially) hilarious! If you remember this bit from 12 years ago…thank you for being such a longtime fan…but for those looking to sign up for the YMCA…make sure you check this out…before you sign…on the line…which is dotted!! Ready to make a “BEST OF” show all your own?? Email Jon Solberg and let him know what you would like to hear on a future episode! As always, thank you for listening! *Don’t forget to RATE AND REVIEW THE SHOW ON YOU PODCAST APP* Want to hear more from this episode??? Click the link below to hear the full show Original Air Date: 8/30/2011 Original Full Show Link: CLICK HERE This episode is brought to you by The butcher Shoppe…Home of the NEVER crossbred 100% Australian Wylarah 9+ Wagyu brisket, wagyu beef (American and Japanese), dry aged steaks, wild game and MUCH more!! Call to order today: (850) 458-8782 and ask for Kevin! Mention The BBQ Central Show for 10% off your entire order!!

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