Thing Behind The Thing - EP 3

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Let's dive into the REAL reason you might be stuck... AKA "The Thing Behind the Thing".


  • Technical capability vs the "thing" that's not clicking
  • My own example: lack of control
  • Solutions to move forward


Deb Seymour is a certified Executive Leadership Coach, Leadership Development Trainer and host of The Blind Spot with Deb Seymour Podcast.

With 30 years of Corporate Leadership experience and formal education from ICF accredited leadership coach training programs, she enjoys working with individuals and teams to up-level their leadership... beginning with how they lead themselves.

She is hired by companies for 1:1 Executive Coaching and her Game Changer Leadership Development Program, an experiential leadership development program that is guaranteed to help people figure out their blind spots and up-level their performance to match the potential within.

You can learn more & connect with Deb at:



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