#12: Magnesium And Bone Health. A Key Nutrient For Your Osteoporosis Plan. Why You Need It. Where To Get It. Things You Never Knew About Magnesium.

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In this Bone Coach Quick Note, Kevin explains why magnesium is a key nutrient for our bodies and bone health, what it does, how to know when you don't have enough, where to get it, proper supplementation, and things you never knew about magnesium.
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Topics Covered
- Why is magnesium important for our bones and overall health? Proteins, energy, regulates hormones, helps maintain electrolyte balance
4:15 - Signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency
4:55 - How to find out if you’re deficient? RBC Magnesium test
5:12 - How much magnesium do you need a day?
6:36 - Dietary sources of magnesium
7:42 - Magnesium supplementation. Which forms are the right forms?
10:40 - Important notes on magnesium. It’s a mineral need to get through diet. Water soluble. Competes with calcium.
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I'm not a medical doctor and this osteoporosis podcast should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with your team of medical practitioners before making changes to your diet, lifestyle, supplements, and medications.

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