#13: Yoga, Pilates, & Safe Exercise For Osteoporosis. Preventing Fracture. Absolutely Avoid These Moves. What Builds Bone. Best & Worst Yoga Poses. Interview w/ Dr. Sherri Betz.

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Dr. Sherri Betz shares how to approach incorporating safe yoga, pilates, exercise, and physical therapy into your osteoporosis plan and bone-building routine.
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Topics Covered
- How Sherri’s developed a passion for helping people with osteoporosis
8:50 - What are yoga and pilates?
12:07 - What are prerequisites for starting a yoga or pilates practice?
13:12 - Can you hinge at the hips without bending at the spine… very important for protecting from fracture.
13:58 - If you have back pain, it needs to be addressed before loading your bones.
14:07 - How to build a safe exercise routine to avoid fracture (spine and fracture are most vulnerable)
14:44 - Spine protection & fall prevention are two most important concepts
16:34 - How to challenge yourself with resistance and strength training safely (good form is a must)
17:23 - What builds muscle strength also builds bone.
17:31 - If you’re doing 20-30 reps of something, you’re building endurance
18:51 - One of Sherri’s favorite exercises: heel raises standing on one leg
19:35 - Strengthen the thoracic spine helps build bone in the spine
20:34 - Difference between the lumbar spine and the thoracic spine
25:29 - Distance from hip to rib could be an indicator of lumbar fracture
27:01 - Why it’s important to heal properly if you have fractured
28:03 - Sinaki study. Exercise is better than kyphoplasty for prevention of future fractures.
30:05 - Safe exercise we be doing and which ones we should absolutely avoid
30:44 - Yoga favorites: Tree pose, half moon, triangle pose (as long as you don’t let spine round), warrior 3 pose and others
32:44 - Yoga poses to avoid: Forward fold, deep twist with excessive assistance with hands, pigeon pose (depends on hip mobility), overpressure, shoulder stand, and plow
36:07 - Stenosis vs osteoporosis
36:28 - For scoliosis… the schroth technique is helpful.
38:21 - Sherri’s favorite Pilates exercises. Single-leg kick, push-ups, side bend, shoulder bridge, leg pull (great for hips and spine), the swan, double leg kick, swimming (pilates)
39:56 - Sinaki research. Less fractures in those who do extension work. Greater numbers of fractures in people who practice flexion exercises.
40:29 - Water exercises don’t build bone
41:13 - Walking is good for maintaining bone health and for longevity and well-being but it doesn’t build bone.
41:55 - Strength training builds bone and muscle strength. Endurance exercise for the heart.
42:48 - Bone density gains of any amount, even not losing, are a win.
44:19 - Where to find Sherri
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