#15 Osteoporosis Exercises. Build Bone, Prevent Fracture, Stop Falls. Crafting An Evidence-Based Approach w/ Dr. Lora Giangregorio PhD

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In this interview with Dr. Lora Giangregorio PhD, we discuss evidence-based approaches to building bone, reducing fracture risk, and properly exercising with osteoporosis.
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Topics Covered
- Who is Dr. Lora Giangregorio
6:18 - Two different types of stimuli: muscle pulling on bone and impact. The most effective interventions use one or both in combination.
7:02 - How different sports affect your bones (including tennis)
8:27 - “The exercise program that a person with osteoporosis would do isn’t that different than one that someone that doesn’t have osteoporosis would do” (with the exception of activities that increase fracture)
11:48 - Impact exercises are hard to introduce for those who haven’t done it before
12:22 - Muscle pulls on bone to make them stronger
13:42 - What types of exercise builds bone? Research says resistance training and dynamic impact
14:09 - Swimmers and long-distance running don’t provide varied impact
15:04 - Best rep range and percentage of effort for bone-building?
15:48 - If just starting resistance training… start with good form and lower weight then build from there.
17:22 - The studies that show an effect are more intense in the 5-10 range.
20:45 - Can you target specific areas with exercise, or does bone-building occur universally? Bone response tends to be site-specific.
21:39 - Spine has much more trabecular bone which is much more metabolically active and likely to respond first. Harder in femoral neck.
24:53 - Liftmor study: types of lifts used
26:29 - Two things for preventing fracture? Increase bone strength and reduce applied loads
29:15 - Why it’s tricky to interpret spinal bone density over time? Be wary of big changes in short periods of time.
29:52 - Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, ankylosing spondylitis… working around.
32:30 - As the risk increases… so too does the need for an exercise physiologist.
33:38 - What is BoneFit? 2-day workshop for exercise physiologists and physical therapists to help reduce risk of fracture.
38:41 - “Twisty or flexy”... a new medical term! (jk)
39:08 - Lora’s work with Osteoporosis Canada
40:43 - What’s the “one” exercise program for everyone with osteoporosis.
48:50 - Axial loading (overhead lifts) with vertebral fracture… proceed with caution.
51:27 - Hopping and jumping for BMD… what to do first.
53:41 - Weighted vests. Why Lora wouldn’t go out walking with one.
58:30 - Where you can find Lora and her work.
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