#20: Hormones, Gut, Osteoporosis Connection w/ Betty Murray, PhD-C, FMP + BoneCoach™

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In this interview with Functional Medicine Practitioner, Betty Murray PhD-C, MS, CN, we discuss estrogen, hormone therapy, testosterone, DHEA, gut health, osteoporosis, and why your blood tests may not give you the full picture.
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Topics Covered
: Estrogen replacement may not be an option for some women... what are the reasons hormone therapy may not be the right fit for someone and what are the options they have to help minimize bone loss and stimulate bone formation if that’s the case?
6:55: Anabolic pathways, DHEA, testosterone
13:07: One of the things you’re currently researching is the complex interaction of women’s sex hormones and IBS… How does gut health affect our hormone levels?
21:31: If we don’t have good gut health, obviously it will affect our ability to absorb nutrients… why is it not always the case that when someone gets blood work completed through their doctor, it’s not always telling of nutrient sufficiency… in fact, there may be a functional deficiency present. How do you know this? How can you tell?
22:30: Sufficiency in the serum doesn’t mean sufficiency inside the cell.
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