#29: Mindset Shifts To Release Chronic Pain w/ Jane Hogan, Wellness Engineer + BoneCoach™

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Joining us today to explore Mindset Shifts To Release Chronic Pain is Jane Hogan.
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Topics Covered
What is The Wellness Engineer? How did you become The Wellness Engineer?
7:40: Is it possible to release chronic pain or do we have to “learn to live with it?”
9:47: What would you say to someone who feels like chronic pain is ruining their life? Seeing pain as a gift to create a better version of ourselves.
11:09: The power of the mind and how it impacts pain
14:50: Mental tools people can use to manage pain
19:28: Shifting perceptions and relationships to allow pain to be released
21:19: You’ve spoken about how breath is a powerful tool and the best part is it’s free…how do you do it?
24:36: Details about the “Becoming Pain Free: Healing the Root Causes of Chronic Pain” Summit
27:30: Where can people find you?
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