#44: Food Addiction OR Emotional Eating w/ Tricia Nelson + BoneCoach™

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Joining us today to explore how to end emotional eating now and heal your hunger, plus the impact of emotional eating on our lives, health, and our bones is Tricia Nelson.
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Topics Covered
0:00 -
Episode start
1:59 -
Tricia’s story and how this became her area of focus
6:00 -
How does one know if they are an emotional eater or a food addict?
10:30 -
What is happening physiologically when people emotionally eat?
11:50 -
Why do you think it is that 98% of all diets fail?
19:12 -
How does one differentiate between emotional and physical hunger?
22:44 -
Why do we crave sweets and carb-rich snacks when the going gets rough?
28:08 -
What happens between “trigger” events and the urge to emotionally eat? What can you do to tune into yourself?
32:38 -
Why do people tend to have food binges at night (nighttime eating)?
36:50 -
What is one of the biggest causes of self-sabotage?
38:07 -
What are the most common emotions that drive emotional eating?
42:47 -
How does binge and emotional eating impact our bone health?
43:54 -
What are three things you recommend a person do to end emotional eating now?
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