#7: Functional Medicine. A Necessary Osteoporosis Plan Addition. Getting To The Root Cause.

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Dr. Seth Gerlach shares a functional medicine perspective on addressing root cause health issues for general health, bone health, and osteoporosis.
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Topics Covered
- Who is Dr. Seth Gerlach?
- The difference between conventional medicine and functional medicine. Functional medicine is the medicine of WHY.
8:47 - What are the most common signs and symptoms that may indicate functional medicine could be helpful.
11:30 - The functional approach to understanding the patient and getting to the root cause
12:05 - Our stress response. “Fight or Flight” vs “Rest and Digest”
13:50 - Functional testing and how it can help you identify contributing factors
15:20 - Stool testing and poop. A window into your health.
19:05 - You get your stool test results back. Here’s what an approach to helping you improve your gut health might look like.
22:40 - Summary of general plan to help restore gut health
24:10 - Hormones and our health
27:20 - Hormone testing. The best test for evaluating hormone health.
30:20 - Detoxification. What it is and why it’s important for our overall health. Tips for reducing the toxic load on your body.
34:00 - Why the quality of your water matters and small steps to take to improve.
35:00 - Natural every day things you can do to support your detox pathways.
38:20 - Should you consider functional medicine as a complement to your healthcare approach

Resources Mentioned
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