Ep 46 - Billy Brown :: Unflinching Failure

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Are you noticing in today's lending climate, most all lenders look, sound, and think the same? Maybe you are trying to grow your business or real estate investing and you don't know how and what lending options are available to you?

Today’s guest, Billy Brown, an Amazon Bestselling Author for Success Habits of Super Achievers, syndicator, investor, strategist, and creative lender, talks with Brian Covey about these things and how to get those questions answered. Billy went from being a pro golfer to entering the mortgage industry back in 2008: and we all know how 2008 went in the real estate and mortgage industry!

Between his bestselling book, mortgage success, and his new venture as creator of The Golf Sanctuary, he has built a model of how not to give up through failures!



Pickup Brian’s new book, “Conversations with Covey”:


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