Biden's Immigration Plan = Ignorance Is Bliss

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Joe Biden has his head stuck in the sand, as the border crisis evolves into a humanitarian, economic, and security disaster. You can hear him muttering, “Crisis? What Crisis?” Shrinks have a name for it —denialism. It’s when a person chooses to deny verifiable reality to avoid an uncomfortable truth. Biden is a classic case.
Faced with an overwhelming number of migrants streaming across our southern border, the newly elected president refuses to recognize that it’s a “crisis” of his own making. He invited them here. And they obliged. Hundreds of thousands of them.
Yet, he stubbornly refuses to go to the border to see the chaos for himself. Because, you know…seeing is believing. And that’s the last thing Biden wants to do. If he doesn’t yank his head out of the sand soon and fix the mess he created, the term “crisis” will seem like a trite cliche.

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