Curry and The Goat (Ft. Andre D Thompson)

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**Please excuse the audio issues this week we had a mic go bad during recording** This week the Brilliant Idiots had special guest and comedian Andre Thompson, with the first discussion speaking on the difference between fat people and being plus size, after Schulz announced his debut in the remake of “White Guys Can’t Jump”. Next, they speak on Dave Chappelle’s attacker and what triggered him, and in the discussion, you also find out a new trigger from Charlamagne. Next, discussion they needed one of the funniest people in the world Dr. Umar participating, as they discussed Walmart profiting off of Juneteenth. How should us as a society celebrate culture exchanges without offending the culture? Lets Discuss. ********************************************************** Check out Andrew Schulz Stream Charlamagne "Hell of a Week" on Paramount Check out all the podcast on Charlamagne's "Black Effect Network" Empty Thoughts Podcast Empty Thoughts IG/Tik Tok Check Out "Summer Of 85" on Audible…areTest=TestShare

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