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Charlamagne and Andrew are back this week, and has announced a new release date for new episodes, so listeners can get their hilarious content a little bit earlier for the week! During this episode they first begin speaking on Colin Kaepernick still wanting to join the league, which Charlamagne still scratching his head and not understanding why. Next, they speak on the undefeated Kardashian’s empire and how Kim K is playing chess while Kanye is playing checkers in the media, which ended up turning into a discussion about cheeta’s and cheaters. Also, during the show, they take a call from their good friend Van Lathan, so he can explain his thought process from his recent post on social media about people not discussing more that their mother is a sexual beings too. Lastly, they ended the show on an “Ask an Idiot” question, which was about Daylight Savings time and why we do it.

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