The Bliss Of Ignorance (Ft. Chris Morrow)

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This week Andrew Shultz and Charlamagne tha God had nostalgia moments as they had the Podcast God Chris Morrow stop by, giving his knowledge on topics and promoting his new project "The Summer of 85". During the episode, they give their brilliant idiotic opinion about the Sesame Place characters that made some kids cry, Dr Fauci speaking on the cause of "monkey pox" and gargling after eating the pum pum. Also, the episode is not complete if they don't answer some of their listeners questions for "Ask an Idiot" and during the segment find out which NBA player they would be, if their field of work was measured like the NBA. ********************************************************** Check out Andrew Schulz Stream Charlamagne "Hell of a Week" on Paramount Check out all the podcast on Charlamagne's "Black Effect Network" Empty Thoughts Podcast Empty Thoughts IG/Tik Tok Check Out "Summer Of 85" on Audible…areTest=TestShare

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