27. Love Yourself Enough to Let Them Go 😘

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When we lose ourselves and our passion for life within our partnerships, it’s time to cut the cord and run. Our relationships aren’t meant to be stagnant and burdensome affairs. They are meant to fill us with happiness and ease, while making our lives a more enjoyable experience. Relationships that are bogged down by heavy torment or endless regret and conflict are not relationships meant to stand the test of time. They’re an indication of two people who just don’t work. If you want to stop falling back into bed with your ex, break the pattern by empowering yourself with compassion and understanding. It's important that you overcome this compulsive need to return to the same old places. But how? By trying to overcome the insecurities and misunderstandings that bring you back to toxic relationships. And this occurs by cultivating understanding, acceptance and the ability to reshape and re-process the intense thoughts and emotions you might be dealing with. Honey, you aren’t defined by your relationships , but your lives can be bolstered by them. So, build better partnerships by learning how to let go of the bad ones once and for all. 💪 And always remember, the only relationship you'll ever own is the one with yourself. ❤️

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