The Business Spotlight Podcast Welcomes Jonathan Wagoner, the CEO of JW Home Care

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JW Home Care - Did you know water damage is the most significant risk you face as a property owner?Homeowners are three times more likely to experience a water damage claim than a break-in! JW Home Care is unique because our staff and company are all certified. We went the extra mile and had our business certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC). This governing body sets the standards for the damage restoration industry, and we are proud to be a member. I’ve been in restoration for fifteen years now, and I absolutely love what I do! I meet people at a very low point in life—homes destroyed by water or fire and not knowing what to do or who to trust. Our goal is to help families restore their homes and return to everyday life which is an absolute privilege and very satisfying. Our highly trained and compassionate staff restore homes but more importantly, we restore lives. I truly appreciate you giving my podcast a listen, Jonathan Wagoner, CEO

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