Every Company Has To Think Like a Tech Company

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What is a “tech” company? Meta is a publisher. Amazon is a retailer. Tesla sells cars, solar panels, whole house batteries and bores tunnels. Google makes nearly 100% of its revenue selling ads. Netflix makes and distributes entertainment. Yet people think of these companies as tech companies.

This #podcast explains why your biggest value may well be not in your product or solution, but rather in how you implement that solution to help your customers meet needs. Is it the product depth Amazon has that attracts customers, or the site’s ability to help you know what you want? Having a good solution is just the first step to success in today’s business world, because how you solve other needs while implementing that solution will determine how fast you grow. And if you’re good enough at implementation you can have an entirely new opportunity to grow, like Amazon has with AWS.

Thinking points:

• Do you put the use of technology really high on your priority list of tactical investments?

• Do you evaluate how you can be an early adopter of new technologies to meet customer needs?

• Do you hunt for unmet customer needs, or focus on how to run your business better, faster, cheaper?

• Do you have people assigned to finding ways to apply new technologies, or create new technologies, to help you meet user needs and grow?

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