Plan for the Future, not from the Past

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If you don’t have robust future scenarios that you use to guide your decision making, then you’re letting inertia drive your planning. You’re letting your past push you into the future, even if it’s pushing you the wrong direction. To succeed you have to create robust scenarios, and then make decisions that send you in the direction to take advantage of those scenarios. And you should be updating those scenarios with current events, helping shape the scenarios so you can make better and better decisions.

This podcast explains how you can use scenario planning every week to understand the impact of trends – in order to prepare for market shifts. Prepare so you can avoid negatives, and prepare to take advantage of new opportunities. This podcast explains how you can use growth in new business licenses to help you prepare for gig economy solutions to the great resignation and the lack of new workers from our skewed demographics. It explains how a build up in the European Union military will exacerbate labor shortages, while creating opportunities in robotics, automation and AI – including new opportunities to support the build-up. And this podcast even goes so far as to explain how you can incorporate events like mass shootings into your planning, recognizing how the environment will change due to these social changes impacting tourism, retail trade and immigration.

Take-away – You need robust scenarios. And you need to keep them updated. That’s the only way you can control your future, instead of letting your past control your outcomes. This podcast tells you how by using very current events to update scenarios in real time.

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