Recession? Preparing for Every Eventuality

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Strategic Planning should be focused on the future. Strategy should be built on forecasts based on trends. And it has to be constantly updated; not an annual or bi-annual event. Because the world keeps changing and success requires we all keep updating our plans and making better decisions.

This podcast walks through how recent Federal Reserve actions are changing our forecasts to prepare for a likely recession. Unanticipated events always happen, and we discuss how to integrate those events into our scenarios. And it dives into the extremely important decisions business leaders must make now and in the immediate future to not only survive the likely recession, but possibly thrive. It is wrong to abandon a growth strategy in a recession, and this podcast explains how to use a growth strategy for maximum success in 2022 and 2023.

Thinking points:

  • Do you have well developed scenario plans to guide your decisions?
  • Are you updating your scenarios every week or 2 using current events?
  • Do you have plans today for how to behave if we’re in a recession?
  • Do you understand how winners behave in a recession to thrive?

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