The Value of “Outside Eyes” on Your Business

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Everyone gets stuck in their thinking. It is unavoidable. Whether you are starting a new business, or trying to grow your current business, your mental assumption set gets in the way of alternatives. And your internal biases, created from education and years of experience, cause you to fail defining a clear Value Proposition or finding alternative tactics for you Value Delivery System.

This podcast reviews previous interviews with entrepreneurs to understand how they needed some help with their Value Propositions and Value Delivery Systems. We review what an insulin supplier, a mushroom grower and a beer distiller were facing as growth obstacles, and how Spark Partners (with our outside eyes) was able to identify recommendations to help them accelerate growth. And we review their outcomes.

This podcast frequently talks about companies in the media. The focus is not about investing, but rather how to reframe what’s happening to understand decisions made – and being contemplated – to demonstrate how better decisions can be made using the Spark Partners approach to Overcoming Lock-in and studying external data to Build a Growth Strategy. These big company cases can be applied to small and mid-size companies in order to help them grow as well - as these cases demonstrate.

Thinking points:

• Wouldn’t it be valuable to have someone outside your world give insight to what you might be missing in your decision-making?

• Don’t you need help to “Get Outside the Box, Then Think”?

• If someone can help you tweek your Value Proposition or Value Delivery System to dramatically improve your growth, isn’t that worth a small investment of your time?

• When you are on the horns of a dilemma, and much is at stake, isn’t it important to involve someone who doesn’t have an emotional or financial connection to the analysis?

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